General questions on SkillsFuture Credit

What is the SkillsFuture Credit?

The SkillsFuture Credit consists of credits which Singapore Citizens (SCs) can use to pay for out-of-pocket course fees for attending work-skills related courses. The credits can be used on top of existing course fee subsidies provided by the Government.

Which government agency is administering the SkillsFuture Credit?

The SkillsFuture Credit will be administered by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Why is the SkillsFuture Credit only for individuals?

Will the Government extend support to employers? The SkillsFuture Credit aims to strengthen individual ownership of skills development and lifelong learning. Currently, employers are eligible for subsidies ranging from 50% to 90% of course fees for WDA-supported courses and 75% to 97% of cost of MOE-funded courses. Under the Enhanced Training Support Scheme for SMEs, SMEs receive a minimum 90% subsidy level when they sponsor their employees for training, regardless of the type of courses, up to post-diploma level. Under the Workfare Training Support (WTS) scheme, employers (including SMEs) who sponsor their employees for courses up to post-diploma level (with monthly salary not exceeding $1,900) receive even higher subsidy at 95% funding Page 2 of 7 support. We encourage employers to tap on these assistance schemes. Employees who are sponsored by their employers to go for training should not have to tap on their own SkillsFuture Credit to pay for course fees, as their course fees are already paid by their employers.


Questions on eligibility criteria

Who is eligible for the SkillsFuture Credit? How many credits will they receive?

Every Singapore Citizen (SC) 25 years old and above in 2016 will receive an initial credit of $500. SCs who are below 25 years old in 2016 will similarly receive $500 worth of credits in the year that they turn 25 years old. The Government will make further top-ups to individuals’ SkillsFuture Credit at regular intervals.

Why does the SkillsFuture Credit begin at age 25?

The SkillsFuture Credit is targeted at individuals who are already in the workforce or have completed their full-time education and ready to start their careers. The credits can only be used for work skills-related education and training.

Can individuals transfer their SkillsFuture Credit to their family or friends?

The credits are non-transferable.

I am retired. Why can’t I transfer my SkillsFuture Credit to my children or relatives who are working?

The SkillsFuture Credit is meant to support individual Singaporeans’ learning needs by defraying out-of-pocket course fees. All Singapore Citizens 25 years old and above will receive the SkillsFuture Credit.

Will the credits be accrued to my CPF account when I retire?

I am retired. Why can’t I transfer my SkillsFuture Credit to my CPF account if I don’t fully utilise it? The SkillsFuture Credit is not in the form of cash. It can only be used to meet the out-of-pocket course fees of work-skills-related courses.


Source: http://www.mom.gov.sg/~/media/mom/documents/budget2015/faqs-skillsfuture-credit.pdf?la=en

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