Fellowships and Employer Awards

The foundation of the SkillsFuture Jubilee Fund was reported by the Prime Minister in November 2014 to kick-begin support for the SkillsFuture development and to stamp the SG50 festivities. The Fund will involve donations from employers, unions, people in general and the Government. This wide based contribution connotes everybody being a partner; and the Government will give a dollar to dollar coordinating stipend for doantion raised.

The Fund will be utilized to give out SkillsFuture Fellowships, to perceive and create Singaporeans with profound abilities, regularly procured through noteworthy work involvement in the same business/occupation. The Fellowships will help them accomplish aptitudes dominance in their individual fields.

Every Fellowship contains a money recompense of $10,000 to bolster the person in his aptitudes procurement venture. The recompense can be utilized towards preparing over a wide scope of aptitudes overhauling projects. Recompense beneficiaries will be Singaporeans who have had an in number reputation of adding to the abilities advancement of others, and will be required to keep on doing as such. They will frame a gathering of “Colleagues” who will be good examples in the quest for aptitudes dominance.

We focus to offer up to 100 partnerships yearly, which can be utilized for a scope of instruction and preparing choices, in both art based and information based ranges.

As managers assume a critical part in workforce advancement, SkillsFuture Employer Awards will be offered out to praiseworthy head honchos who have tried through the improvement of organized abilities based profession pathways for their representatives. The SkillsFuture Employer Awards are acknowledgment grants and non-money related in nature.

The SkillsFuture Fellowships will be presented from 2016. More insights about SkillsFuture Fellowships will be discharged at the appointed time course.

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